AI is not “one-size-fits-all”

Your company is on track for making its projected 2019 earnings. You have more customers now than you did in 2018.  But yours is a company without an AI initiative in place.  A company that is ready and will benefit from the added agility in practice and processes that AI will enable.

Here at Flutura, what we often see are companies onboarding AI offerings that are highly esteemed in the industry but are not the best fit for the desired business outcome. Organizations buy an AI platform that they think will be “the answer” and find out there are holes in that promise of optimization. In other words, “one-size-fits-all” is not the case in the world of AI.

Additional support for this train of thought comes from Gartner Research which expects that 80% of 2019’s AI/Big Data initiatives will provide no business value. This is often the use case we see; that many companies are spending money on AI, but they don’t know what they really need. At Flutura, we know we can help.
We get it.  All organizations face challenges when adopting new technologies. We see that working with multiple AI providers to create a specialized and unique solution – is the way of the future.  Nano apps that enhance AI deployments, ensuring proper, targeted function, quick remediation and ROI, are the wave of the future. Nano apps eliminate the “one-size-fits-all” quandary. They help align with customer business objectives and, because the apps are focused on specific use cases, they help customers achieve those specific business outcomes.
Our Cerebra platform is a surgical AI solution specially tuned for Industrial IoT in oil & gas, process chemicals and heavy machinery sectors.  Cerebra provides insight into drilling efficiency, production performance benchmarking and process optimization for oil & gas, root cause analysis, quality benchmarking and factorization and yield optimization for process chemicals and Digital Twin equipment monitoring, asset utilization and product design improvement for heavy machinery. 
Cerebra’s ability to provide operational visibility, performance assessment, and a path to resolution, is trusted by industry leaders like TechnipFMC, and Henkel, and has been awarded by accolades from Frost and Sullivan and Gartner Research.
Cerebra is intuitive, with multi-domain physics features powering its machine learning algorithms. It brings >95% accuracy of models in data-rich environments and brings with it a 5x - 7x faster implementation time compared to any other platform in the market. Cerebra provides high performance, scalable, bleeding-edge technology for large-scale deployments with over 400+ Industrial IoT specific features – the most comprehensive in the industry.
One size does not fit all, but here at Flutura, we know our customers and how to help them achieve the maximum from the field. You can contact us here or request a demo here.


Greg Slater


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