Flutura Business Solutions made into StartupAutobahnIndia -

The #StartupAutobahnIndia’s maiden voyage to scout for startups reached the final phase on Expo Day. The selected five startups from Batch 1 along with SMEs from MBRDI showcased their Proof of Concepts that could play a role in shaping the future of mobility at Daimler. The topics ranged from AR/VR, Computational Fluid Mechanics (CFD), and ADAS to Machine Learning. Following the success of the Batch 1, #StartupAutobahnIndia Batch 2 was flagged-off with startup partners Get My Parking Flutura Decision Sciences & Analytics KluarcThey will work on four problem statements in three search fields - ML, Simulation and Connected Services. We thank all startups and partners for making this cohort a success! Startups Batch 1: Simulanis ACRI Noumenon Multiphysics Prescient Technologies



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