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Date and time Monday, 13 February 2017
News release by Vertex Ventures : Where we see the powerful new frontiers of IOT

Flutura Decision Sciences, an Industrial IOT Intelligence company just announced that it has raised its Series A round led by Vertex Ventures. IOT is a space that we at Vertex have been researching for some time and we have had the opportunity to assess both Consumer and the Industrial applications of connected devices and machines. Consumer IOT is still years from a new cusp of consumer prominence

Date and time Thursday, 15 September 2016
Hitachi High-Tech Solutions partners with Flutura

Hitachi High-Tech Solutions partners with Flutura to bring Industrial IOT intelligence to Japanese businesses Sales and Distribution agreement will improve access to Flutura’s innovative IOT solutions for Hitachi High-Tech Solutions customers in industrial and OEM market   PALO ALTO, USA and TOKYO, JAPAN – 15 September 2016 – Hitachi High-Tech Solutions Corporation, a subsidiary of Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation (TOKYO:8036), today announced a par

Date and time Monday, 02 May 2016
Tech in Asia - How IoT startup Flutura is competing with GE and winning

Remember when the Nokia 6100 was the most popular phone? That era is gone. Phones have gotten smart. Internet connections, apps, and a host of services come with them. Today you’d want a smartphone, not a dumb gadget. Something similar is now happening in the world of industrial machines.   Take the example of a large manufacturer of mining equipment for oil fields. There was a time when their million dollar pumps and assorted equipment were sold as dumb machines

Date and time Wednesday, 12 October 2016
This Indian IoT Product In China Shows How Factories Will Be Part Of The 4th Revolution

Flutura featured in ! Read article here :  One of my fondest memories of growing up in a small town in India is making gashes in the bark of a tree on the way to school. The next day we would collect the gum which had seeped out. It was fun to use the natural gum to stick labels on our notebooks, even if it was messy

Date and time Friday, 16 September 2016
How Tech in Asia Bangalore opened doors to Japan for this IoT startup from India

  Japanese hardware and Indian software make for a winning combo in IoT, and I’m here to help make that happen,” remarked a smiling Yoshiko Tsuwaki, deputy director of the information and communication electronics division in Japan’s ministry of economy, trade, and industry (METI). She was speaking at a dinner hosted by Naotaka Nishiyama of Deloitte Japan’s Tohmatsu Venture Support. It was a part of the Tech in Asia Bangalore conference on July 6-7

Date and time Friday, 05 May 2017
The Industrial IoT: 125+ Startups Transforming Factory Floors, Oil Fields, And Supply Chains

Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics featured in CB insights as Industrial IOT Startup Transforming Factory Floors, Oil Fields, And Supply Chains So far, the IIoT wave transforming asset-heavy industries has been led by the old guard of tech giants such as GE, IBM, and Cisco. With connected devices like Nest and Sonos breaking into the mainstream, the IoT has become one of the most-discussed tech trends of the last twenty years