Specialty Chemicals | Case Study

Leveraging Cerebra’s AI to enhance quality – from Quality Inspection to Quality Assurance

The Client

European Multi-billion Euro Industrial
Adhesive manufacturer



The Problem

How can we achieve first time right in their manufacturing process?

How can we make proactive interventions in the manufacturing process to reduce rework due to poor quality?

Is there a way to simulate the impact of corrective action on the finished good product during the manufacturing process?

Flutura's approach

Fused together lab data, sensor data, process data and ambient condition data to triangulate signals that impact product quality
Implemented the pilot solution at World’s largest adhesive manufacturing facility in 3 months
Minimize data jargon to shop floor persons with a simple smiley to decide actionability


Achieved Prediction Accuracy!!


Deployed 60+ manufacturing lines in 10+ countries


Projected Savings when deployed globally!