Heavy Equipment|Case Study

Cerebra enabling ‘Energy As a Service’ for a leading Off Grid Solar solutions provider

The Client

A Fortune 500 company offering Off Grid Solar solutions

Spread over African and Indian markets

Manages assets and operations of Photovoltaic cells, Inverters, Batteries, GRID, DC Load

The Problem

Accurate forecasting of energy production was critical.

Estimating the optimal number of solar panels as per the required capacity of the site

Battery performance was a showstopper to provide reliable product, thus impacting customer satisfaction

Flutura's approach

Cerebra ingested the key parameters every minute from the off grid solar solution – Solar panel parameters, battery parameters, sensor data and weather data.
Cerebra Digital twin and Diagnostics module was deployed for easy and scalable configuration of OEMs assets
Using the raw data, Cerebra generated several rich vectors such as Solar Irradiance Efficiency, Discharge Velocity and Survival probability
Predictive algorithms were implemented to forecast accurate energy production and predict battery performance


signals streaming every minute from several off grid deployed solutions


accurate power generation forecast lead to more reliable solution

Predictive maintenance

Proactive attention to abnormal behaviour of Power Generation Data, Battery Discharge patterns and Load Curves, helped identify poorly performing batteries before significant drop in performance.