Heavy Machinery|Case Study

Leveraging Cerebra’s AI to identify critical signals 10 ~ 20 minutes before an unplanned engine slowdown / shutdown

The Client

Asia based premier turnkey provider of shipbuilding, repair and conversion

A worldwide customer base spanning America, Europe, Asia and the Gulf States and with more than 40 years of experience

A provider of Ship Control Monitoring and Management System

The Problem

Existing methodologies help take actions after alarms were raised, sometimes resulting in engine slowdown

Customers required an intelligent sense making system for proactive action

Flutura's approach

A thorough understanding of the overall monitoring systems including engines, propulsion systems and gearboxes fitted on this shipCreated a digital twin of the various subsystems in Cerebra

On the Edge

Edge Deployment onboard ships reduces high costs of satellite based data connectivity


A guaranteed prediction accuracy of 70% or more


Customer includes Cerebra in their product as differentiated offering to win new bids

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