Connected Processes| Case Study

Customer leveraged Cerebra to analyze and optimize performance of their client’s facilities and rapidly scale to 4000+ sites

The customer

A European based multi-billion dollar Facilities management company

With operations across
80 countries and
40000+ sites

Manages commercial and industrial facilities with assets such as boilers, chillers, HVAC systems, etc

The need

The need was for a centralized system to monitor key asset performance metrics of their facilities across the globe

Benchmark key metrics such as energy consumption and asset performance of similar sized facilities

Share each client’s site performance against the benchmarks and upsell additional services

The need was to provide a technological advanced facilities management solution for their clients

Flutura's approach

Ingest events such as Work orders, Service Requests, Energy Consumption (Power, Water & other utilities), Safety observations and incidents
Analyze performance metrics created using Cerebra Visualization studio
Highly configurable platform, where customers can capture additional data with just a few clicks, no coding
Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-units of measure support to support customer’s global operations

4000+ sites

Streaming data into Cerebra

4+ years

Since Cerebra is live on Client’s sites and running stronger

100+ metrics

Such as mean time to repair and mean time to failure being monitored in real time and optimized

Global Expansion

Customer rolled out Cerebra in India and expanded to Global locations in recognition of the value delivered by Cerebra