The Human Nature of the Internet of Things


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“All of us want to be better. Human nature is always seeking advancement.” Quote by Elizabeth Kapu’uwailani Lindsey.

It occurred to me today when I was talking with my six and eight year old boys about my profession that some of us never lose our sense of excitement when learning something new. This is especially true of children as we all know. When the boys were younger and they asked me what I did for “my job” I told them I worked with truck drivers, ship captains and airplane pilots and taxi cab drivers! They thought my “job” was so cool!

I would tell them I help the trucks, ships, planes and taxi cabs to get where they need to go. They would ask “how?” I would say well dad works with truck drivers to help monitor their trucks to make sure they are running right and to help make sure things get delivered on time around the world. I work with ship captains and airplane pilots to monitor their ships and planes to make sure they are sailing and flying at the right speed and in the right direction of the wind to make sure people and important things are delivered on time around the world. I work with taxi cab drivers to make sure people get picked up on time and get to their destinations safe and on time.

They would ask “do you work with any other people?” I would say yes I work with all kinds of people. I work with people that make gas for cars, I work with people that build tractors, I work with people that make cities work, like with buses that carry people around and work with people that make energy for people to have lighting and electricity.

As the past couple of years have went by and we have continued to discuss what my “job” is our conversations have become much deeper. Now the boys know about different types of sensors that are used in the oilfield and in energy energy applications, they know about different kinds of software, they know what data networks are, what engine diagnostics are and even what predictive analytic's are. In fact they even know there are different types of analytic's like Hadoop and Azure. They think both of those names are cool and funny sounding! They know what IOT is and even the difference between IOT and IIOT.

What is so fun for me is that I have similar conversations with many people on a daily basis and like my boys they are always eager to learn about new technologies as well. They too are very interested in learning about different types of sensors, different types of software platforms, different types of analytic's platforms and how they can use these technologies in various ways.

Some want to understand how these technologies can help them reach their business objectives like reducing expenses, increasing efficiencies and driving more profits. Others want to understand how these technologies can help them improve the image of their company, open up new revenue streams and even monetize their data they have been collecting over the past years.

It is true that human nature is always seeking advancement. For me this has always been the case and even what I have thrived on in my career, especially when it comes to the IOT and IIOT space. This is what I also see in most all of the people I work with. Everyone knows their business and it excites me when they start tying all the IOT and IIOT dots together and see how it will help them meet their business objectives. I hope they also get to tell their kids stories about cool things they get to do at work with technologies as well!

Dini Elizabeth Jose


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